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Without a dialogue how can I discuss devolution or anything else? Are you upset with their meeting with Mr. Modi then? No, not at all they can go meet anyone. It is a democracy. Rajasingham has urged that Sri Lanka Government must consider providing adequate compensations to next of kin of the families of all the civilians who had been killed by the LTTE and by the other Tamil terrorist organizations. The Government must openly declare that all the victims of the LTTE be declared as missing persons and dead certificates be issued.


This move will counter the proposal to appoint Sajith Premadasa as the Deputy Leader of the party. The matter will be taken up for discussion at the party Working Committee meeting on September According to highly placed UNP sources, the proposal to appoint Premadasa as the Deputy Leader of the party will be presented by opposition leader Ranil Wickremesinghe.

Rajasingham with Dr. Subramanian Swamy personally involved in killings, destructions and mayhem, should be considered persona non grata in their respective countries. Rajasingham has emphasized that he was against inviting former hardcore LTTE activists to Sri Lanka, giving them prominence, or providing opportunities to them to become prominent. Any person, who joined the terrorist outfit, has to swear alle-giance to its leader and outfit. It is, in fact, a ploy to enter the country and to again regroup the terrorist organizations. These people cannot be trusted.

It is now leant that they are holding under-the-radar discussions with Working Committee members to get their support to the proposal pertaining to Karunanayake s appointment. Karunanayake has openly criticized the proposal to appoint Premadasa as the Deputy Leader of the party stating that this is not a time to promote individuals. The group supporting Karunanayake is led by Parliamentarian Wijeyadasa Rajapaksa, a senior spokesman of the party told Asian Mirror under the condition of anonymity.

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MP Rajapakse was not available to get a comment in this regard. It is a challenge for Mr. Sajith Premadasa, to prove his genuine loyalty and sincere commitment to upholding party unity and discipline; that is the expectation of every member of the United National Party, Samaraweera said issuing a statement on Friday.

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President from P10 And what about the presence of military in the north and east it isn t just a large presence, but the land they have acquired. Since the war ended in , the presence of the military has been reduced by 90 per cent. I am trying to move them to other areas but how much further can I go? I have to find space for my Army in Sri Lanka itself I can t send them to be housed in India or some other country, can I?

But the most emotive issue for India has been the idea that there is colonisation of Tamil areas, that non-tamils are settling in those areas. I deny that categorically. There has been no demolition of Tamil monuments. There is no colonisation. But in Sri Lanka, any citizen can live in any part of the country whether the person is Tamil, Sinhalese or Muslim. However, the party has not yet arrived at a final decision on conditions put forward by Premadasa namely the abolition of the Leadership Council, 10 working committee slots for Premadasa s nominees and handing over administrative powers of the UNP headquarters Sirikotha.

Preamadasa s conditions have come under severe criticism from seniors of the party on the grounds that they are unjust and unfair. The talks had focused on the political environment, particularly in the East, and other related issues including the UN led investigations on Sri Lanka. The TNA called on Britain to impress upon the Government to ensure the safety of those who want to come forward and submit testimonials to the UN led investigation. The British Deputy High Commissioner, who is on a tour of the East, has also had separate meetings with Government officials in the area.

Colombo Gazette Part of the reason it is difficult for the Central government to move forward in ties with Sri Lanka is the bad relationship you have with political parties in Tamil Nadu, particularly with Chief Minister Jayalalithaa. What can I do? I have always tried to speak. Yet your Defence Ministry website portrayed her in a derogatory manner That was a serious error and that is why as soon as the Defence Secretary came to know of it and told me, it was taken off immediately and we apologised.

Even I apologised after that. I always believe that fish do not have any borders, and fishermen have to follow the fish to catch them. But the fishermen from the Indian side have been destroying the environment, using massive bottom trawlers, which are depleting all the resources of fish, and we cannot tolerate that. And bottom trawling of this kind is banned even in India now. You have freed the fishermen but not their boats. Is that something you would consider? No, not at the moment.

Because if I allow the boats to return, again they will return and do the same thing. Do you think in the Preamadasa. It is an interesting shift in allegiance as, a few months ago, attanayake was severely criticized by the Premadasa faction for being inefficient in discharging his duties as the General Secretary of the party. At that point, Attanayake was viewed as a staunch Wickremesinghe loyalist. Samaraweera said Premadasa had launched a scathing attack on him for challenging the latter s conduct at a press conference that was held on Wednesday. Addressing the press conference, Samaraweera, who was back in town after a brief trip to London, said one should match one s words with deeds and it was clear that he was alluding to Premadasa.

Sampanthan s request for an international observer was justified.

The government and the Tamil leaders have had many rounds of discussions earlier that proved futile and a fresh round of discussions ought to draw upon earlier attempts and documents, he said. Tamil National People s Front TNPF member Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam said he while concurred with the TNA s request for an international observer, he reiterated his party s position that negotiations should be on the basis of recognition that the Tamils have the right to self determination.

The website said that Tamils came from across Europe to take part in the mass demonstration and rally demanding justice for the alleged genocide in Sri Lanka and a referendum on independence. Carrying banners and placards decrying the ongoing military occupation of the North-East and stating Our Homeland Tamil Eelam and Tamil sovereignty cannot be compromised!

What kind of relationship do you share? I think if he is able to, and we can find the time in our schedules, I would hope to meet him. I think it is too early to say where the relationship will go. I had only a brief chat with him in Delhi. I think our chemistry is good.

He is a very strong leader and has won a big majority.

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I think we can deal very well, this is what I feel. Has the relationship between India and Sri Lanka undergone a shift this year? Well, I think that shift came before the elections, when India decided to abstain at the UNHRC vote, and didn t support the resolution for an international enquiry. To go back to the UNHRC process now underway, the Sri Lankan ambassador has admitted there that there are 19, cases of missing persons. Why not allow the UN to assist finding them? We want a local enquiry here to find out what happened to them.

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Obviously many are missing in the war, both from the civilians and the Army. But we reject this UN commission, and how it was formed. We invited her here. She told us one thing and said another thing after returning. But we have nothing to hide, so if the new Human Rights commissioner wishes to come, we would accept his request. Contd: on P V Wignaswaran is to consult his party before deciding on a request made by Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa to meet him for talks on the 13th Amendment and devolving administrative powers to the Northern Province.

Leader of the Democratic People s Front Mano Ganesan told The Sunday Leader that the Defence Secretary, during a friendly chat with him recently, had asked him to facilitate the talks between Wignaswaran and him. According to Ganesan, he does not want to be identified as a mediator and that he only communicated the Defence Secretary s message to Wigneswaran.

He added that he does not expect to push any party towards forced talks but will facilitate talks if they agree to do so out of their own free will. However, he added that there is an expectation that Wignaswaran would respond positively towards the request. He said that the government has not devolved police powers to any of the Provincial Councils, but there are certain administrative powers enjoyed by the other Provincial Councils and the Chief Ministers of the Province whereas the Northern Provincial Council Chief Minister is being deprived of certain powers.

Dilanthe Withanage said even though the government may be hesitant to admit, it is a reality that Muslim extremists are operating from this soil to destabilize India and the South Asian region. But we as an organization, would not hesitate to admit the presence of such extremist elements. We are definitely not saying that all Muslims in the country are members of these extremist or terrorist groups. What we say is there is already a minor number of Muslims who are being used by these separatist extremist groups. What we demand is for the government to take measures to nip it in the bud before it is too late," Dr.

Withanage said. Noting that India has adapted a successful and thorough national policy on tracking down Muslim extremism in the aftermath of Al Qaeda announcing its intention of spreading wings in the South Asian region, the BBS said the Sri Lankan Government should also take immediate and strict measures against the spread of extremists in the country. But there is enough evidence and chances to stop Muslim terrorism before it gets worse. The government must deploy intelligence officers to keep a tab on the movements of all Muslim ministers, if possible MPs, all those so called innocent civil and religious organizations like Jaimaithul Ulama, Shoora Council and others if it is genuinely interested to stop these extremists groups destabilizing the country as well as the region," Dr.

Withanage noted.


He also added it will not be an easy task if these groups get out of hand as they not only have the support of regional Muslim terror groups but operates with the fund and assistance of Saudi Arabia, USA and some European countries. He speaks against me, Harin, Ranil, everyone except out future leader Sajith Premadasa, Ramanayake said.

He says Jayasekera will need to first apologise to the UNP leadership and UNP members, but even then he should not be given a top post. Our government is speaking of local investigations, but we won t allow them to internationalise it. The next time if they will say that there must be an international enquiry into Kashmir, what would be our position?

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Would we support such a thing? Whether it is against India or Sri Lanka, we will not allow an external inquiry. It is all politics.